The Best Athlete You Can Be

Mental and Mindset Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Storytelling and Sports Psychology. All in 1. Customized. Everyday. Not automatic. Not once a week.

The purpose of The Best Athlete You Can Be is very simple:

Help You Become The Hero You Dream To Become.

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I am Gregory Berge:

  • Former professional triathlete
  • European Champion of motivational speaking
  • Award-winning osteopath
  • 4-time consecutive college basketball national champion.

I will guide you in a unique way to:

  • IMPROVE your mental skills, your mental health, your anxiety level, your self-confidence
  • BE happier
  • ENJOY more clarity
  • FEEL more freedom, serenity, inner-peace
  • LOVE your sport as much as you loved it at the beginning
  • SOLVE your mindset challenges
  • SMILE when you face adversity
  • MAKE history
  • BREAK records
  • WIN Olympic gold medals, titles, and trophies
  • ACHIEVE what other people think is impossible.