The purpose of The Best Athlete You Can Be, aka TBAYCB, is to guide athletes like you, in a unique way, combining Sports psychology, Mental Training, Mindset Coaching, Motivational Speaking, and Storytelling to help you become the hero you dream to become.

To improve your mental health and your mindset to perform at your best, visit the page Mental Training Products or Coaching.

The mental training products and the coaching services designed by TBAYCB are here to help athletes like you:

  • SOLVE your mindset challenges and BE happier
  • UNDERSTAND the mental state and the triggers that will help you PERFORM at your highest level
  • MAKE history, BREAK records, WIN the Olympic gold medals, the titles and the trophies you dream of and ACHIEVE the things people think are impossible.

“THE BEST ATHLETE YOU CAN BE” has been created by Gregory Berge, former professional triathlete, award-winning motivational speaker, award-winning osteopath and 4-time consecutive college basketball national champion.