I coach athletes who crave to perform better, to win more and to become champions, by mentoring them, by helping them build invincible levels of self-confidence, and grow other mental skills, and solve their emotional challenges.

I am Gregory Berge:

  • Former professional triathlete
  • European Champion of motivational speaking
  • Award-winning osteopath
  • 4-time consecutive college basketball national champion.

If I help you become a Champion but on the side, you suffer from depression, you feel lonely, or your love relationship collapses, then I am just a sports coach. If you are a happy person with average athletic performances, then I am just a life coach.

However, if you are a successful athlete, performing better and achieving more than ever before, and if you are happy and mentally healthy in your personal life, and have a positive influence on the people around you and society, then I am doing what I was born to do:

Helping You Become The Best Athlete You Can Be.