Are you sure you’re training for the right Olympics?

I love living in Tokyo but I must warn you: this August heat is a killer.

That’s why I must ask you.

Are you training for the Olympic Games in general?

Or are you training for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo?

If you have big dreams and ambitions in Tokyo, then right now or next month, you should be training in Japan, in Singapore, in Mexico, in Hawaii, in the South of Spain, etc.

And same for next year.

You have no other option but to be ready for this heat. You have no other option but to know what it feels like, how your body will respond and how your nutrition plan will change.

You must do this until you love that heat, until you secretly wish that it will be blazing hot on the day of your event at the Olympics and that others will cry or complain but that you won’t.

If you do an outdoor sport, you don’t need any explanation. You know this challenge. Today, it was 32 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Real Feel. You must be ready to breathe hot air.

Even if you do an indoor sport, like swimming or basket-ball, you must know what this feels like to just walk outside for 30 minutes or an hour to look for some food, and then go back to your room and realize you need to take a crazy long cold shower, drink 2 litres of iced water and not move for 3 hours. Today, I went for a 2 hour-walk with my girlfriend. 100% flat road, nothing crazy. In my pocket, I had a post-it note with a couple of things to buy at the supermarket. When we walked back home, both sweating and struggling to breathe, she said:


“Forget it, we’ll survive without lemons and pasta for one more day”, I said.

Are you ready for this?

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Thank you.

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