The Law of Attraction for Athletes

During my triathlon career, I had a vision board in my bedroom that was as big as my drive to qualify for the Olympic Games: GIANT!

In this post, reflecting on my career, I want to share with you what your vision board needs and in which circumstances, according to me, things manifest themselves or not into your life.

I created this vision board at the very beginning of my career. It was in front of me all the time: when I opened my eyes in the morning, when I worked on my computer and during endless hours of stretching.

On this board, there was a picture of the triathlon French national jersey. I even wrote my last name on it! And I made it to the national team.

There was a picture of a 7000 US$ Cervelo S5 bike. And you know what? I got this bike! Cervelo even sponsored me.

There was a picture of Brazil with the words “Rio 2016” and in 2016, I moved to an Olympic training center in a city called “Rio Maior”, in Portugal.

There was a picture of an Olympic stadium with the words “Tokyo 2020”. And you know what? I live in Tokyo.

But you know what?

These things happened…but not thanks to the Law of Attraction. They happened thanks to the Law of Hard-Work.

Every time I read something about the Law of Attraction, it’s about “seeing yourself”, it’s about “thinking”, it’s about “believing”.

Nope. Not according to my experience. Seeing, thinking, believing doesn’t work. It’s about feeling.

In my heart, I believe that the Law of Attraction happens when things manifest themselves into your lives without any physical conscious effort.

When you train 30 hours a week, it’s normal to be good at some point! You think the Universe helped me to be on the French National Team? Of course no, I gave everything I had to achieve this! I was patient when I was injured. I was obsessed when I was healthy. It’s all on me. The Universe didn’t play any role here. As many athletes declare, there’s no miracle, there’s no magic pill, it’s just hard work and dedication.

When your vision board and the pictures you post on it and the Olympic rings tattooed on your shoulder only serve as a conscious reminder of your obsession to achieve a specific goal, you activate the Law of Hard Work, not the Law of Attraction.

But considering how fortunate I have been in my life and all the amazing things I witnessed, I would be stupid, arrogant or ignorant not to believe in the Law of Attraction.

Here is how the Law of Attraction worked in my life and how I believe it can work in yours too.

I’ve always dreamt to go to New-Zealand and when I hear the word “New-Zealand”, my eyes get teary. I do feel something. It’s not just a beautiful country to me.

One day, out of the blue, one of the best cricket player in the history of New-Zealand contacted me by e-mail to set-up a house exchange. This is how I trained for 2 months in this country.

This is what the Law of Attraction is to me. You do nothing but you receive something you truly want. This has nothing to do with the Law of Hard Work.

I worked my a** off to achieve anything in triathlon. Many athletes give everything they have to their sport but still receive nothing.

But I didn’t do anything conscious to receive this amazing opportunity to train in NZ.

This will sound very simple but for the Law of Attraction to work, you need to FEEL something. If I could, I would rename it the Law of Emotions. Every time something I wanted manifested itself in my life, out of the blue, just like that, it’s because it was strongly associated with fun, laughter, excitement, inspiration or another strong emotional reaction. Not hard work, not will, not focus, not even stillness or calm.

This another example is very funny. A few summers ago, I owed 8000 US$ to my mother. I had a practical and conscious plan to pay her back and I shared that with her. Then one day, I wanted to joke with her so I told her “Mom, don’t be surprised if on September 15th you see a wire transfer of 8000 $ get to your account!” And she would laugh! And you know what? I would laugh too! And little by little, every other day, I would tell her “Mom, don’t be surprised if…” and we would both laugh. I went on my online back account and took a screen shot of the wire transfer page.

Later on, this screen shot didn’t remind me of my practical plan and all the efforts I was going to have to put in to pay my mother back. Instead, it reminded me of how much we laughed. And you know what? I received all the opportunities necessary to pay her back on September 15th.

When you’re an athlete, you’re always tired. You’re always at the limit of overtraining. You don’t have the mental energy to look at the picture of that bike, on your wall, and remember how much you fell in love with it when you first saw it. You have evolved so much, you don’t remember what you felt when you were 10 years old and dreamt of the Olympic Games for the first time. You don’t feel as much anymore…because you work so hard.


The Law of Attraction works when you FEEL something.

I used to do my vision board with a very conscious approach:

Ask myself what do I want. Google that word. Find a picture I like. Print it. Cut it. Tape it on the wall. I see that picture and all it does is remind me consciously what I want and what I am working for.

Nowadays, I do my vision boards with an opposite approach:

I look at random pictures and if it makes me feel something fiery, intense, powerful, never mind what it is, I cut it and tape it. Everyday, I look at it and this feeling comes back automatically.

My vision boards are not conscious reminders anymore. They’re emotional cocktails.

On the cupboard of my kitchen, in my apartment, near Tokyo station, I recently taped two pictures:

  1. A picture of a beautiful wooden house in the middle of a pond and surrounded by a Japanese garden.
  2. A coffee package where I can read “100% Hawaii Kona”

The question is, am I going to work hard to buy this house and buy a ticket to go to Hawaii? Or are these going to just manifest themselves effortlessly in my life?

When I look at the house, I think it is beautiful.

When I see the Hawaii coffee package, I just get a giant smile.

The Law of Hard Work gets you, at best, what you WORK the most for.

The Law of Attraction or the Law of Emotions gets you what you FEEL the most for.

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Thank you.


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