In case of extreme stress

What do they do?

All these success coaches, motivational speakers, and personal development experts.

What strategy do they use when there is that one thing that rubs them in the wrong place and when they start stressing out?

Of course, they’re very good to tell us what to do when we freak out. But what do THEY do when THEY stress out?

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Ever since I am a mindset coach, I am happier.

You know why?

It’s not because I love sports, it’s not because I fantasize about helping my athletes win gold medals, it’s not because I was born to do this.

It’s because my promise to athletes is to help them achieve their goals and be happier at the same time.

If I am not happy myself, then I cannot be good at my job, right?

That’s why every time I face a tough situation, I stop and tell myself:

”Greg, you’re a mindset coach, you are not allowed to freak out over this problem. You are supposed to react like a hero, like a pro or like a sage, solve it with brilliance, show up a big smile and move on”

90-95-99% of the time, I do solve it, laugh it off and move on.

But sometimes…all the tools and tactics that I use are not enough.

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For the last month or so, I have been stressed by an event.

I was like, “Come On, Greg, you’re a mindset coach and you’re stressed out! It can’t be! There must be a way for you to control that stress, to transform it into something positive, etc”.

For weeks, I thought and reacted differently to this problem searching for a way to stay sane, serene, healthy and happy even in front of that challenge:

  • At first, I felt like a victim and reacted to this problem with poor energy. Efficiency Level 6/10. Stress level 10/10.
  • Then, I decided to eat this problem alive, destroy it, attack it and become aggressive. Efficiency Level 10/10, Stress Level 7/10. It felt better definitely but it was still stressful.
  • Then this week, I was listening to a song and one message caught my mind, my heart, my attention, I felt a real positive energy, a lot happier and the stress flew away. Efficiency Level 10/10. Stress Level 1/10.

Thanks to one question.

Today, I am going to give you that question. It’s not a magical question. It’s a question that saves me when I freak out. Tell me in the comments if it ever saves you or if you too, have a magic question you use in extreme situations. Don’t tell me what you think I should do. I don’t want theoretical tips. I want to know what YOU do in real life to transform a heavy stress YOU feel into bright energy.

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When we are in the middle of a difficult situation, our vision becomes too narrow. We see the problem and maybe 1, 2 or 3 solutions and that’s it, don’t you agree? And what does that do?

It makes us stress.

To broaden your vision, and make the stress go away, here is the question I asked myself and that you can ask yourself:

What is calling me?

Before asking that question, I was 100% in problem-solving analytical mode.

After asking that question, I went to the opposite end, in legendary-extraordinary I wanna do it mode.

When I ask myself, “What is calling me?”…

I stop thinking about my problems and honestly, I start thinking that the NBA is calling me, that the Olympic Games are calling me, that Mount Everest is definitely calling me, that this lost island in the Pacific Ocean has been calling me every day for decades and that playing the piano will call me until my very last day.

When you ask yourself, “What is calling me?”, don’t your answers suddenly give you a powerful energy?

Thanks to this bright energy, you can do two things:

  1. Go back on the highway towards your calling, and ignore that problem (if it’s actually a small problem) that you made a mountain of.
  2. Use that energy to actually solve that problem triumphantly (if it’s actually a real problem that needs to be solved).

Lastly, do you remember the rule? If this post made you feel something positive, energizing or inspiring, you have no other choice but to go to the top of the sidebar and subscribe!

Thank you.


  1. OK, so you ask, what I do in real life to transform a heavy stress I feel…

    1) Can I see the thinking that creates this feeling of stress? Can I see through this thinking, can I see its illusory nature?

    if the answer is “no”, then

    2) Can I let this feeling be present and not be stressed about being stressed?


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