Are you ready to shine?

When Mike Tyson was a kid, he was like any other kid.

Sweet, cute, positive, joyful…etc.

He says that at that age, he was bullied by older kids.

He says, “At that time, I didn’t understand how another human being could be so mean”

As a child, Mike Tyson was the opposite of a warrior, of a killer, of someone aggressive (I used those words in a positive competition driven context).

Who you are today?

Well, you can be the opposite in 5-7 years., if you’re surrounded by the right people.

When Mike Tyson was a young teenager, he moved to a big house, outside of New-York, to live with his coach, Cus d’Amato.

His coach repeated him every day the most powerful words you could say to a child with sports aspirations. You’re going to be a champion. You’re going to do things no one in history has ever done. There is a warrior inside of you. You must connect with your spiritual warrior. All other champions are going to bow in front of you. You are going to be a God.

Mike Tyson says that, at first, he didn’t understand all the s*** this old man was saying.

But little by little, day after day, he became the Mike Tyson we all think we know.

Thanks to daily physical training and an amazing mental training.

This week, one of the athletes I coach has an equestrian competition.

I ask her:

“Are you ready to shine?”

She replies very honestly and mentions all the insecurities she feels 24 hours before her competition.

Spontaneously and intuitively, I wrote her the most beautiful, truest and deepest encouragements I could tell her.

This is what I love the most in my job.

Work with me and you’ll be encouraged like you’ve never been. Work with me and you’ll be supported like you’ve always dreamt to be supported.

Oh yes, you’re going to shine.

– – – – – – featured picture courtesy of AILO. Website. Instagram. – – – – – –

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