8 signs that your mindset is right

You have the right mindset if:

  1. It makes you feel happy or joyful.
  2. It makes you feel healthy.
  3. It helps you perform well.
  4. It gives you power or energy.
  5. It makes you feel peace.
  6. It makes you feel useful.
  7. It makes you feel pride.
  8. It makes you feel free and all the other good things you can think of.

That’s it!

Isn’t that simple?

Sometimes we do things, not for the reasons mentioned above, but because:

  1. We want to be right.
  2. We want to impress others.
  3. We want to take revenge.
  4. We want to be loved and all those weird things that we can’t really control but that we want to go to battle for.

Wanting to be right is a real trap, especially when we feel we’ve been betrayed or insulted or when we feel something unfair has been done to us. It’s really tricky, right?

We’re sure we’ve been wronged and we’re sure we’re right. We’re definitely good people and we got great arguments to justify that we’re right, and we decide to go on a battle to prove that.

Is it worth it?

Does this battle make you feel something positive?

Aren’t you already stressed having to explain how much you’re right?

Aren’t you going to stress waiting for the other person’s answer where he or she says how much you’re actually wrong?

Are you happy right then?

Probably not.

Whereas if you take a step back, a deep breathe, understand that it’s a small moment in your life, and decide not to go on any battle and let it go, you’re probably closer to happiness. Of course, it’s easier said than done but hey, aren’t you tired of not being as happy as you should be?

On July 18th, DeMar DeRozan was traded from the Toronto Raptors. He felt betrayed because a few days before the trade, the General Manager told him he was not going to be traded.

Very typical conflict, right?

DeMar DeRozan is definitely right for feeling betrayed. I would. You would. But is he right to go on a battle for that?

Lately, on his Twitter account, he posted “Revenge is a dish better serve cold”. Do you think he is happy when he tells himself that? Do you think he is happy when he tells himself that on January 3rd, when he plays his ex-team, he is going to kill them?

You can forget, move on, be happy, work hard, do the sport you love and focus on scoring 50 points against any team, rather than feeling anger and obsessing about killing one team.

Read this:

“You can be right or you can be happy”

Read this also:

“The Best Revenge is no revenge at all. Move on. Be happy”.

Yesterday, I was having a coffee with a friend. He explained to me a very difficult situation he is going through, and where he doesn’t have much control. At the end, he told me, “I could do this, or I could do that…or I could do this as well”. I just told him:

“The best thing you can do here is to do what makes you feel peaceful”.

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Thank you.




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