63 Issues An Athlete Can Improve With Mental Training


You struggle in dealing with frustrations, with “bad calls” from referees, with mistakes from teammates, with coaching decisions.

You play better in the first half than in the second half.

You perform better in practice than in competition.

You get down or angry or mad at yourself after making a mistake or missing a play.

You over-react negatively to a series of bad play or bad events.

You find it hard to recover mentally and emotionally from all the grind of physical training, competition and traveling.

You feel you lack self-confidence.

You don’t truly believe that you can achieve a specific goal.

You are overthinking because you don’t have a clear, specific goal.

You don’t dare to dream big. You dream too small or you don’t dream at all.

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You don’t know or don’t understand why you are not successful yet.

You are not patient or you are starting to lose patience.

You are losing your motivation.

You are far from home; you play abroad and you suffer from homesickness.

You hear people say you don’t work hard enough and criticize your work ethic.

You don’t love yourself or you don’t really know what self-love is.

You don’t know how to celebrate or how to reward yourself.

You believe deep inside that success and happiness are kind of the same things.

You believe that achieving your goal will solve all your problems.

You have very high expectations, or other people set them for you.



You are traumatized or overly scared by past failures.

You play small or choke under pressure; you perform poorly or hesitantly or avoidantly when the pressure rises.

You don’t know what your priorities are or you don’t respect them.

You don’t know what you can do to perform better.

You feel you’ve tried everything but still can’t see what you can do to become 1% better.

You are too nervous before a competition.

You find it hard to sleep before a competition.

You unexplainably underperform, even though you train hard.

You struggle to handle the media or social media or criticism from other people in general.

You are coming back from injury and you are afraid.



You are too serious, way too serious. You take yourself too seriously.

You seem to always hit the same plateau, the same wall and can’t overcome it.

You don’t know how to communicate well enough with people.

You don’t know how to solve conflicts.

You can’t seem to lead your teammates as well as you should.

You won, you are a champion but now you are afraid not to win again, you are afraid of what might happen if you fail, you are afraid of the consequences of your failure.

You are jealous of other athletes and how they might be treated compared to you.

You feel lonely, sad, isolated, unhappy.

You deal with depression, in general, or ever since you achieved something.

Your focus is all over the place or spread over too many things.



You waste too much time bouncing back after a loss.

You feel you are not using your full potential.

You always seem to struggle during a specific month or season or time of the year.

You are afraid of the consequences if you don’t achieve a certain level of performance.

You suffer from being single.

You feel you are not supported enough. You feel you are alone.

You feel you are not in an ideal environment.

You believe you don’t need any mental training because you are already mentally tough, you think that mental toughness and mental skills are the same things.

You keep failing because you believe that you must achieve your goal on your own and that if someone helps you, it’s wrong.

You compare yourself with others.



You cry too much or overdramatize things after a failure.

You analyze things over and over before starting to do anything.

You know you waste too much time on distractions but can’t help it.

You complain about the environment, the conditions and circumstances.

You don’t love your sport as much as before, or anymore.

You think the world is full of haters, that it’s you against the world.

You still suffer from something that happened to you years or decades ago because you find it hard to move on, or because you thought it would disappear on its own.

You feel you don’t improve fast enough.

You feel you are too nice to others.

You don’t know how to get in touch with your killer instinct.

You imagine that mental training is only for soft or weak athletes.

And of course >

You lose.

You perform poorly, you don’t perform as well as you should, you underperform.


To solve one or several of these 63 issues, you have 3 options:

1-Wait and believe that with time, these issues will disappear.

2-Work with a specialist you know, who’s close to you, who’s physically and emotionally available for you, an expert with wisdom, knowledge, proven success and that you trust.

3-Work with me.

If you chose Option #1 or #2, I wish you the best. Subscribe to this blog to keep learning about performance, happiness, and mental training.

If you picked Option #3, you have 5 solutions:

I am with you,




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