“You Can Do It”

Recently, my wife and I started playing video games together.

Super Mario, to be more specific.

Between 10 and 11 pm, to be even more specific.

My wife gets too nervous when we get to the Boss Stages. So she lets me do it. She takes care of finding the bonuses, the magic switches and she let me handle the nerve-wracking part with the scary music.

Sometimes, I play non-stop for 30 minutes because I keep losing and losing.

This is when she looks at me and says in english, with a slow and deep voice:

“You can do it”.

I don’t think she truly knows what I feel when she says that.

I don’t even think I knew those simple words could make me feel something special.

I mean, you and I, we both became very skilled in one sport, we both achieved and overcame, we both listened to hours of motivational talks and so we need to hear more than just “You can do it” to have a breakthrough, right?

However, when you keep losing, when you keep hitting walls, when you keep seeing average results despite all your hard work, is there anything more powerful than a simple “You can do it”?

When I started the sport of triathlon, my dream was to qualify for the Olympic Games, and you know what…every day I was scared.

I am sure you have to deal, one way or another, for a reason or another, because of the Olympics or another competition, with the same level of fear.

But you know what?


If I were on the phone with you, I would tell you the same: “You can do it”

If I were with you, I would put my hand on the back of your neck and tell you that same: “You can do it”

If you and I were together 48 hours away from your Final, I would look you in the eye with supreme confidence and tell you again:

“You can do it”


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