Dear current and future champions,

People ask me what is the difference between an elite and a professional athlete. Isn’t it the same thing?

No, it is not. Not in my dictionary.

“Professional” refers to a status. It means you are driven, skilled, dedicated enough so that someone wants to pay you. Pretty straightforward.

“Elite” refers to what’s inside of you. My last triathlon coach, Sergio Santos, told me one day, “Gregory, you’ve always been elite”. As an athlete, I only made 10 € in prize money. But I’ve given my all to this dream. I burnt the flame inside of me until the very last bit. At 39 years old, I was living in a training center with 18 year olds with Olympic rings tattooed on their body, I was preparing and dreaming to qualify for Tokyo 2020, training 30 hours a week with athletes who were the best in their respective countries. If you eat, breathe and sleep your dream, you are elite.

Yokohama ITU 2017
2017 in Yokohama – It looks like I won but I finished 5th. The most emotional performance of my career.

Elite and Professional.

These are the athletes that I am coaching and that I want to work with. If you’re a professional, if your heart tells you that you are an elite athlete or that you will be, contact me: I want to help you.

2006 – Start of my osteopathic career. My thesis about ACL surgeries will receive the “Thesis of the year” award. I will become the very first foreign osteopath in history to be officially registered in Japan. But I will quit osteopathy in 2011 because it did not make me happy.

During my life, my goal has always been to achieve crazy things. As I always say, I didn’t exactly achieve what I wanted to achieve when I was a teenager, but I achieved things I would have never dared to dream.

I achieved so much that my take on achievements is now different. On one side, achievements are important because they do build you. I will always encourage you to work as hard as you can to achieve your wildest dream.

2006 – 4th Consecutive College Basketball National Championship Title

But on the other side, I know what achieving feels like and I know that it’s not everything. That’s why I want to help other athletes like you perform at your highest level, like I did, but also help you be happier and enjoy more freedom and serenity in the process.

2014 – European Champion of Motivational Speaking

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably an athlete, a coach, a sports executive or an athlete’s parent or spouse and you know how stressful this athletic lifestyle and competition can be. Unfortunately, athletes often forget how much they love their sport. Some athletes like Michael Jordan or Michael Phelps retired because they felt they absolutely needed to take a break, but then little by little, thanks to rest and probably a different mindset and approach to life, they came back to the sport they left.

This is my ultimate goal. If I only help you win the medal or the trophy you dream to win, then I am just another amazing coach in this world.

But if I can help you win that award and at the same time, help you perform with more happiness, mental health and freedom, then I am doing what I was born to do.

Oh, and my name is Gregory Berge. Contact me and you can call me Gregory.


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