The Law of Attraction for Athletes

During my triathlon career, I had a vision board in my bedroom that was as big as my drive to qualify for the Olympic Games: GIANT! In this post, reflecting on my career, I want to share with you what your vision board needs and in which circumstances, according to me, things manifest themselves or … Continue reading The Law of Attraction for Athletes

Are you sure you’re training for the right Olympics?

I love living in Tokyo but I must warn you: this August heat is a killer. That's why I must ask you. Are you training for the Olympic Games in general? Or are you training for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo? If you have big dreams and ambitions in Tokyo, then right now or … Continue reading Are you sure you’re training for the right Olympics?

Are distractions always bad?

A distraction is something that takes your attention away from what you want to focus on. By definition, it's bad. Therefore, in elite sports language, while focus and obsession are indicators of future successes, distractions are like gluten, you want to stay as away from it as possible. However, there are two kinds of distractions: … Continue reading Are distractions always bad?

Three pieces of advice

I love quotes. To be more precise, I love the quotes that I love. I love to read, to watch, to listen to something and suddenly one sentence strikes you. It's like seeing a beautiful woman on the street. It's like turning on the radio and discovering a tune that makes you feel something. I … Continue reading Three pieces of advice

Why elite athletes are single?

When I was a teenager, dreaming to become a basketball player, I once read that Mickael Jackson, the singer, was single; and that another great athlete - I don't remember the name - was also single. I couldn't believe it. How can you be so charismatic and be single? How can you draw so much … Continue reading Why elite athletes are single?