What happens after winning?

Imagine that it's a Sunday and...this is just won the race, the Final game, the tournament you've always dreamt to win. It's now Monday do you imagine your life will be after winning that event? Will you be happier? Will you receive more professional opportunities? Will women or men look at you differently? … Continue reading What happens after winning?


How to Play a Final?

Yesterday, France won the 2018 Soccer World Cup organized in Russia. In sports, there are many examples where a team or an athlete is the favorite, doesn't play that well...but still wins...or loses, surprisingly. Yesterday, after 30 minutes of play, France had scored 2 goals without leading a single offense and without even shooting the … Continue reading How to Play a Final?

Sports Psychology Conference in Daegu, South Korea

Have you ever been to Korea? It is my first time here. The 8th ASPASP, a conference on sports psychology, is taking place in the city of Daegu. When I travel and tell people that I am from Marseille in France, most of them think about the mafia. When I hear “Daegu”, the first thing … Continue reading Sports Psychology Conference in Daegu, South Korea