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Over the last 13 years, I have had the opportunity to help, guide and teach thousands of people, as a medical therapist and European champion of motivational speaking. I graduated in France, with an award-winning thesis about ACL injuries and after working with Olympic athletes in Canada, I moved to Japan where I became the first foreign osteopath ever registered in Japan. Today, I live in Tokyo.

When it comes to sports, I accept to coach athletes from all sports, and all countries, as long as you speak english, french or japanese. However, I am specialized in basketball and triathlon, as my college basketball team won 4 consecutive National titles, and I became a professional triathlete at 39 years old. I finished 10th at the 2016 World Championships but the personal performance I am the proudest is that I was faster at 39 years old than at 22 years old. This is why I allow myself to teach you how to become “The Best Athlete You Can Be”.

“The Best Athlete You Can Be” has been founded in 2018 and so far, I’ve worked with aspiring Olympians, aspiring elite athletes in individual sports and professional players in team sports.

After working with me, they see an improvement of their physical performance and their results, their sport-specific mental skills, their emotional intelligence, their happiness, and their mental health/peace of mind.

I offer 3 different 1-on-1 coaching programs (2 days per week, 4 days per week or 6 days per week), which are available to a maximum of only 10 athletes per month.

Each coaching program includes 2.077 $ worth of complimentary bonuses:

  • A dedicated phone number that you can use to easily contact me (value 997 $).
  • The Bigger, Deeper, Farther workbook (value 97 $).
  • The Olympic Optimization workbook (value 97 $).
  • Three initial self-assessment questionnaires with results interpretation and development report (value 397 $):
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Sport-specific mental skills
    • Happiness
  • The 2019 Edition of ‘Gold Medal Mindset’, my signature online mental training course (value 397 $):
  • One customized visualization recording per month (value 92 $).

Contact me below, and I will reply within 24 hours.

Athletes want to win and perform at a very high level because there is a childhood dream inside of them.

They want so because they love their sports, because they believe that winning, becoming a champion, setting a world record or a personal best is the closest thing possible to happiness, joy, excitement, pride, fulfillement and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, athletes suffer.


And this suffering hinders their performances, their love for their sport, their happiness, and their peace of mind, and even if they do win or become champions, this suffering can have terrible consequences on their personal life.

As a mindset coach, my role is to help this suffering decrease and/or disappear in your life so that you can enjoy higher levels of performances, happiness, and peace of mind.

The one guarantee I can offer you is that, after a few weeks and months of work with me, you will be closer to your dream, and you will enjoy that chase. The athletes I coach don’t give up and don’t stagnate. When times are hard, they keep pushing and build up resilience. They improve in terms of self-love, self-care, and self-confidence. They review their sleeping patterns, the way they use social media. And when times are good, they have breakthroughs. This is what’s going to happen to you.

Contact me below, and I will reply within 24 hours.