Once upon a time, there was a young King.

He had a lot of aspirations and really wanted to help mankind, and so he said to one of his advisors, “Please, prepare me a summary about mankind”.

The advisor went to the library and started doing his researches.

20 years later, the advisor finished his work and went to the see the King with 30 volumes about mankind!

The King said, “I am currently preparing an assault against another territory. I don’t have time to read this. Please make it shorter”.

The advisor went back to work.

10 years later, he went to see the King again, this time with 10 volumes.

Again, the King was too busy and said, “This is not possible. Please make it even shorter”

The advisor went back to work.

5 years later, he came back to see the King with only one book.

But the King was too busy and said, “I can’t. Please prepare me a summary that fits in one page”

3 years later, unfortunately, the King was sick and dying in his bed.

The advisor came to his bed, and there, the King used his last breath to ask the advisor, “So? How is mankind doing?”

“It’s suffering, my King. Mankind is suffering”, said the advisor.

The athletes I coach, just like any human on Earth, suffer. They suffer because they lost a game. They suffer because they thought they could perform better. They suffer from anxiety before a competition. They suffer because of the critics. They suffer because of financial and contractual issues. They suffer because of conflictual relationships. They suffer because they don’t understand why they’re not successful yet.

Athletes suffer for a infinity of reasons that can be related to the sport itself, to competition in general, or to their personal life.

This suffering, this anxiety, this stress prevents them from being happy and mentally healthy, and from achieving their athletic dreams.

And even if they win, this suffering prevents them from enjoying the process.

When I coach an athlete, this is my job. Help this suffering decrease and/or disappear so that the athlete can:

  1. Perform like he/she has always dreamt to perform
  2. Be amazingly happy
  3. Be super mentally healthy

Would you want that?

My coaching, like any real training whose purpose is to have elite results, happens daily.

Elite athletes train daily. Monks meditate daily. Great thinkers study daily.

When I coach you, you log-in every day on a platform and you write/talk to me, not a computer, not an automated sequence. This will take you 10-20 minutes a day.

You answer my questions. You tell me what’s good. You tell me what’s not. You answer my questions again. I teach you. I motivate you. I make you think deeper. I help you become the person you wish to become. Do you want to become that person?

Use the form below to contact me. Tell me about you and I will reply within 24 hours.