Three (3) months of mindset coaching, includes: Dedicated community of like-minded athletes, Healthy Elite program, Gold Medal Mindset program, Private coaching 4 days a week.




Three (3) months of mindset coaching, includes: Dedicated community of like-minded athletes, Healthy Elite Mindset program, Gold Medal Mindset program, Private coaching 7 days a week and ultra-customized (coaching calls, customized visualisation or meditation recordings, customized mindfulness or mental or pre-competition routines, physical presence…)


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What is this dedicated community of like-minded athletes?

It’s an online platform where all the athletes I coach are gathered.

What I find unique about this group is that athletes come from different countries and different sports. Chances are that the other athletes in this platform have strong sports-related similarites and also differences with you.

That’s why it is a place where learning from each other and/or inspiring/supporting each other can be very special.

What is the “Healthy Elite Mindset” program?

It’s a program in 40 levels. Each level includes one rare quote and one mindset enhancing question.

I read a lot so I come up across a lot of quotes. When at my age, I read a quote for the first time and which captures my attention, I consider it “rare”. 10% of these quotes are motivational/inspirational. The other 90% are insightful because the priority of these quotes is to push your thinking to new limits.

Each mindset enhancement question is designed to check, to assess your level in many of the mental skills, habits, requirements that I consider vital to succeed as an elite athlete. The day I start coaching you, you are at Level 1. If I like your answer to a question or if I consider that this point is “clear” in your mind, we move on to Level 2. If I don’t like your answer or if it is not clear, I will ask more claryfing questions.

If you are a perfect human being, it takes 40 days to go through the 40 levels. If not, it can take you up to 60, 80, 100, 120 days.

What is the “Gold Medal Mindset” program?

It’s an online channel where I publish 2 new videos per week, that is about 40 minutes of new content per week. Each video is based on a mindset challenge that one of my athlete is facing.

When I start coaching you, you already have access to all the videos already uploaded. Just that is enough to help you a lot.

What is unique about this channel is that one, other athletes learn thanks to you and you learn thanks to other athletes ; and two, the energy I will give you in these mindset videos is a lot different than the energy I give you while coaching you online.

How does private coaching works?

As said above, you join me and the other athletes on an online platform, that works both on computers and smartphones, where I can send group messages to all athletes, where you can send direct messages to all athletes and where you and I work together through direct messages. All messages are kept in memory so it’s easy to go back in time and find information.

Every day, I will send you a message. On average, it takes me 15-20 minute per day to write such message to an athlete. I give you advice. I check how things are doing. I ask questions, a lot of questions. I teach you. I tell you stories. I help you solve your challenges. I clarify a lot, as well. I emphasize on the skills you need to develop and reinforce. I inspire you. I encourage you to dream bigger. I coach you. Like that. Everyday. Sounds good?

What is the difference between the “Dream Bigger” and the “Killer Instinct” package?

The “Dream Bigger” package (DB) is both for amateur and elite athletes, while the “Killer Instinct” package (KI) is only for elite athletes.

Both DB and KI last three (3) months. They both include the dedicated community with other like-minded athletes, the “Healthy Elite” program and the “Gold Medal Mindset” program.

With DB, I coach you 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). With KI, I coach you 7 days a week.

KI is highly customized, while DB is not. With KI, whatever mental training tool you need, I design it and provide it to you customized to your needs and challenges.

With KI, we work twice as much, we work twice as fast and you grow twice as fast. Let’s imagine that you are at Level 5 in your athletic life today. In 3 months, DB will get you to level 5.5. KI will get you to Level 6.