1-on-1 Mental Performance Coaching Session

50-minute live call (in english or french) via Skype or WhatsApp, to help you solve a particular challenge and increase your chances of success. Pay here and contact me immediately to schedule the appointment (I am currently in Japan).


60-day Healthy Elite Mindset Program

***You will join an Online Dedicated Community with other like-minded athletes where I will guide you and answer your questions. ***You will receive my latest e-book “12 rare sports quotes you’ve never read before” including 12 insightful sports lessons and 12 inspiring personal stories. ***Everyday, for 60 days, you will receive one more rare Sports Quote and one thought-provoking Optimization Question to teach you, motivate you, help you improve your mental health, your mindset, perform at your best and become TBAYCB.


The Best Athlete You Can Be

BOOK AVAILABLE SOON – Most inspirational book I was able to write. In-depth summary of my professional triathlon adventure highlighting all the ingredients and mental skills you need to improve your mental health, perform at your best and become The Best Athlete You Can Be.




AVAILABLE SOON – We are working hard to create this training program. Its purpose will be to help you recognize, deal, overcome depression and then grow, succeed, expand after it. Depression was probably the darkest challenge of my life. I was very lucky to be born with the mental resources to overcome this challenge. Now, I am here for you. If you cannot wait until the launch of this training program, go up and book a 1 on 1 session immediately. Don’t wait. I will tell you what I did, and what you can do, to come out of this battle as a winner and happier than ever.