8 signs that your mindset is right

You have the right mindset if: It makes you feel happy or joyful. It makes you feel healthy. It helps you perform well. It gives you power or energy. It makes you feel peace. It makes you feel useful. It makes you feel pride. It makes you feel free and all the other good things … Continue reading 8 signs that your mindset is right

3 kinds of problems

In Life, there are three kinds of problems: big problems medium problems small problems Agree? There is a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Big problem. The computer you use for work is broken. Medium problem. Somebody on social media thinks you're a jerk. Small problem. Even though, we all tend to react to things differently, I am … Continue reading 3 kinds of problems

Are distractions always bad?

A distraction is something that takes your attention away from what you want to focus on. By definition, it's bad. Therefore, in elite sports language, while focus and obsession are indicators of future successes, distractions are like gluten, you want to stay as away from it as possible. However, there are two kinds of distractions: … Continue reading Are distractions always bad?

Why elite athletes are single?

When I was a teenager, dreaming to become a basketball player, I once read that Mickael Jackson, the singer, was single; and that another great athlete - I don't remember the name - was also single. I couldn't believe it. How can you be so charismatic and be single? How can you draw so much … Continue reading Why elite athletes are single?

How to Play a Final?

Yesterday, France won the 2018 Soccer World Cup organized in Russia. In sports, there are many examples where a team or an athlete is the favorite, doesn't play that well...but still wins...or loses, surprisingly. Yesterday, after 30 minutes of play, France had scored 2 goals without leading a single offense and without even shooting the … Continue reading How to Play a Final?