8 signs that your mindset is right

You have the right mindset if: It makes you feel happy or joyful. It makes you feel healthy. It helps you perform well. It gives you power or energy. It makes you feel peace. It makes you feel useful. It makes you feel pride. It makes you feel free and all the other good things … Continue reading 8 signs that your mindset is right

In case of extreme stress

What do they do? All these success coaches, motivational speakers, and personal development experts. What strategy do they use when there is that one thing that rubs them in the wrong place and when they start stressing out? Of course, they're very good to tell us what to do when we freak out. But what … Continue reading In case of extreme stress

3 kinds of problems

In Life, there are three kinds of problems: big problems medium problems small problems Agree? There is a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Big problem. The computer you use for work is broken. Medium problem. Somebody on social media thinks you're a jerk. Small problem. Even though, we all tend to react to things differently, I am … Continue reading 3 kinds of problems

What happens after winning?

Imagine that it's a Sunday and...this is it...you just won the race, the Final game, the tournament you've always dreamt to win. It's now Monday and...how do you imagine your life will be after winning that event? Will you be happier? Will you receive more professional opportunities? Will women or men look at you differently? … Continue reading What happens after winning?