8 signs that your mindset is right

You have the right mindset if: It makes you feel happy or joyful. It makes you feel healthy. It helps you perform well. It gives you power or energy. It makes you feel peace. It makes you feel useful. It makes you feel pride. It makes you feel free and all the other good things … Continue reading 8 signs that your mindset is right

Are you ready to shine?

When Mike Tyson was a kid, he was like any other kid. Sweet, cute, positive, joyful...etc. He says that at that age, he was bullied by older kids. He says, "At that time, I didn't understand how another human being could be so mean" As a child, Mike Tyson was the opposite of a warrior, … Continue reading Are you ready to shine?

In case of extreme stress

What do they do? All these success coaches, motivational speakers, and personal development experts. What strategy do they use when there is that one thing that rubs them in the wrong place and when they start stressing out? Of course, they're very good to tell us what to do when we freak out. But what … Continue reading In case of extreme stress

2 steps and 4 videos to overcome depression

3 times. That’s the number of times I suffered of depression in my life. The first time, it lasted 3 years, the 2nd time 3 days and the last time 3 weeks.  In simple words, depression comes from two things. Never mind how you slice it, it comes down to two things. Either: a)       Something … Continue reading 2 steps and 4 videos to overcome depression

Three pieces of advice

I love quotes. To be more precise, I love the quotes that I love. I love to read, to watch, to listen to something and suddenly one sentence strikes you. It's like seeing a beautiful woman on the street. It's like turning on the radio and discovering a tune that makes you feel something. I … Continue reading Three pieces of advice